At Cemstone, we’re committed to responsible environmental stewardship, to the protection of biodiversity and giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

Through our high performance, environmentally friendly mixes and our on-staff geologists, environmentalists and Leed accredited professionals, we continue to contribute to the building of projects that are environmentally responsible, cost-effective and healthy places to live and work.

Cemstone aims to lead in sustainable construction by constantly striving to find new ways to develop and use sustainable and energy efficient materials. Our on-staff LEED accredited professional works to develop more efficient and sustainable products and processes that meet customer needs for more sustainable building materials.

We works with builders, architects, engineers and contractors to take advantage of the many opportunities that concrete can contribute to earning LEED points.


Nationally, Cemstone is a leader at incorporating sustainability in products and services. These products include:

Sustainable Mixes
High volume fly ash and metakaolin reduce the carbon footprint while improving the quality of the concrete

Insulated Wall Systems
Lower a structure’s energy demand, increases its durability and maintains a new standard of sustainable design

Concrete Paving
Lessens the urban heat island effect and creates a bright pavement with a longer life cycle

Pervious Concrete
Curtails storm water runoff and improves water quality.

Recycled Aggregates
Reduce the impact on mining and landfill resources.

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