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Andrea, Senior Billing Lead

Andrea has been with the company for 16 years.

What do you like about this industry?

I appreciate the stability and strength the concrete industry provides for our roads, bridges and building structures.   I also appreciate the fact that there is ongoing research and innovation towards sustainable and “green” products such as pervious concrete to enable the industry to reduce its carbon footprint.

What is your favorite memory of Cemstone?

I have been on several “field trips” throughout my time with Cemstone, that has given me the opportunity to see how Cemstone operates – from the aggregate pits to the ready-mix facilities to the job site – and the complexities involved to provide quality concrete to our customers.

Share a story that stands out to you of your time with the company:

There isn’t a specific “story” but more of a feeling of inclusion and guidance that I have felt throughout my years with Cemstone. I value all that I have learned and will always carry it with me.

Why Cemstone?

Cemstone is focused on its customers and employees, striving for excellence in every area of the company from Employee’s wellbeing to ensuring the success of a customer’s project.  I look forward to seeing how Cemstone continues to strive for a better environment and communities.