Cemstone offers a wide variety of the newest concrete pumping options for your placing requirements. With a fleet of 10 different sized standard pump trucks to choose from and industry-leading ready-mix concrete in- house, you start and stop with Cemstone.

Our concrete boom pump trucks range from 17 meter to 61 meter, all offering the vertical and horizontal reach flexibility you need to place in even the most challenging of areas. By choosing a pump below, you can see the specific range, size and features of each option. All of our equipment is inspected regularly to ensure that all equipment meets and exceeds regulatory safety requirements and manufacturers’ recommendations. Choosing a Cemstone pump is choosing a safer worksite.

In addition to the standard boom pumps, Cemstone also offers specialty pump equipment for more unique challenges. If you’d like to see our full catalog of concrete pumps, download the brochure.

20 Meter Boom Pump Truck

The Double Z is a short boom truck long on versatility (820 degrees of total articulation) and ideal for residential, specialty and commercial work.

The S 20 offers a unique boom design in a compact package, affording pumpers, concrete contractors and specialty contractors a versatile tool to expand concrete pumping possibilities.

4-section boom

Unfolding height 12’ 8”

Vertical reach is 63’ 9”

Net horizontal reach is 44’ 4”

• 2″, 2.5″, 3″ line system

7-ton legal

31 Meter Boom Pump Truck

Telescopic boom versatility combines with operational ease to provide maximum utilization.

Outrigger spread is 20’ 5”

4-section boom

Minimum unfolding height is 18’ 8”

Vertical reach is 100’ 3”

Net horizontal reach is 84’

Output 170 yds per hour

• 9-ton legal

36 Meter Boom Pump Truck

Four-section boom versatility, impressive output and reliability.

Roll and Fold® design of these booms you will enjoy low unfolding height and fast clean out

Easy maneuverability for high utilization

4-section boom

Vertical reach is 115’ 6”

Net horizontal reach is 95’

• 5-7 ton legal

36 Meter Z-Boom Pump Truck

Powerful pumping performance with a small footprint makes it perfect for restrictive job sites.

Multi-Z Boom design allows efficient operation in restricted headroom whether positioned inside or outside structure

Easy maneuverability for high utilization

4-section boom

Vertical reach is 115’ 6”

Net horizontal reach is 95’

5-ton legal

38 Meter Boom Pump Truck

Unique 5-section boom that allows placement in hard to reach job sites.

Easy Flex One-Sided Outrigger System

5-Section Hyper Extension Boom

Vertical reach is 122’ 5”

Net horizontal reach is 107’

Unfolding height is 24’ 4”

7-ton legal

39 Meter Boom Pump Truck

The longest boom on a truck under 60,000 pounds. Ideal for any project – residential, commercial and industrial.

Detachable boom for job-site versatility with a variety of mounting options including free-standing, form mounting or   mast-mounting with floor frames.

• 4-Section Boom

Vertical reach is 127’

Net horizontal reach is 105’ 9”

• 7-ton legal

47 Meter Boom Pump Truck

Super X outriggers provide maximum stability with the smallest footprint. A proven workhorse for commercial and industrial long reach.

4-section Overhead Roll and Fold®

Vertical reach is 149’ 7” – 154’ 6”

Net horizontal reach is 128’ 10” – 130’

9 ton legal

61 Meter Boom Pump Truck

Our longest boom for high rise, commercial work.

4-section boom

Section lengths:

          1st section – 34’        3rd section – 50’ 8”

          2nd section – 49’      4th section – 51’

Unfolding height 51’ 9”

Vertical reach is 197’ 2”

Net horizontal reach is 171’ 9”

Outrigger spread 41’ 1”

Overweight permits required daily – 24 hour notice required

Our certified experts and top-of-the-line equipment will help you execute your project – on time and in spec.
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