At Cemstone, we know that some projects pose challenges that conventional pumps can’t serve. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing the best non-conventional options that ensure high-quality, efficient placing no matter the challenge.

The Cemstone high-rise concrete boom and pump is ideal for optimizing concrete placing speed, reaching as much as 50% faster than tower crane and bucket. With a 114′ reach and a 17,700-pound picking weight, utilizing this boom and pump on your high-rise project is simple and straightforward.

Cemstone’s free-standing concrete boom pump offers a light, 18-meter stationary option that takes up a minimal amount of space on your work site. Our high-rise and free-standing pumping booms bring concrete to you where you need it, even with limited space.

Find the specific equipment below to see individual features of each. All Cemstone equipment is inspected regularly to ensure that all equipment meets and exceeds regulatory safety requirements and manufacturers’ recommendations. Choosing a Cemstone’s specialty pump equipment is choosing a safer worksite.

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High Rise Placing Boom

Specifically for high rise/long reach concrete placing applications.

Specifically for high rise/long reach concrete placing applications.

• Concrete placement speed as much as 50% faster than tower crane and bucket.

39M placing boom

114’ reach

Picking weight 17,700 lbs empty

• Trailer capability and availability on request


Truck Mounted Line Pump

Easy maneuverability on job sites.

• Concrete output per hour (cubic yards) 70

• Maximum aggregate size 1.5”

• Concrete cylinder stroke length 39”

• Outlet diameter 5”

• 2” line pumping capability

• 5-ton legal

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