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Resolve – Fiber Reinforced concrete

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RESOLVE™ is Cemstone’s Concrete Fiber Reinforcement Matrix

Whether you’re trying to reduce the occurrence of plastic shrinkage cracking or looking to eliminate typical temperature and shrinkage reinforcement, RESOLVE offers versatility to improve the interior and exterior slabs on ground.

This system of synthetic and steel fibers have been selected to offer superior performance when it comes to replacing welded-wire mesh fabric and reinforcing bars for temperature and shrinkage crack control.

Cemstone’s RESOLVE fiber-reinforced concrete can be used to improve everything from driveways, patios and sidewalks to commercial parking lots and interior slabs.  

Cemstone’s team of engineers offers RESOLVE conversions to replace reinforcing steel with synthetic or steel fibers.

Benefits include:
  • Faster construction times through reduced labor
  • Lower construction costs 
  • Safer project site
  • Reduced plastic shrinkage cracks
  • Elimination of welded-wire mesh and conventional reinforcing bars used for temperature and shrinkage reinforcement
  • Increase in toughness, abrasion and impact resistance

Meet our line of RESOLVE Fiber-Reinforcement

Monofilament micro fibers

Monofilament Micro Synthetic Fibers

Fibrillated Micro Synthetic Fibers

Macro Synthetic Fibers

Steel Fibers

Steel Fibers

What is Resolve?

Pumping Fiber Concrete