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Steel Fibers

Steel Fibers

Steel fibers can be used to replace secondary reinforcement within slabs and walls. In addition, certain applications allow steel fibers to replace primary reinforcement. For horizontal and vertical applications.

Technical Data Sheet
  • Walls
  • Foundations
  • Paving
  • Increases tensile strength
  • Increases concrete strain capacity
  • Decrease cracking width
  • Increases durability in slabs
  • Increases modulus of rupture

Benefits include:

  • Faster construction times through reduced labor
  • Lower construction costs 
  • Safer project site
  • Reduced plastic shrinkage cracks
  • Elimination conventional reinforcing bars used for temperature and shrinkage reinforcement
  • Increase in toughness, abrasion and impact resistance
M100 Monofilament Fibers

Micro Monofilament Fiber

– Commercial and residential exterior and interior slabs-on-ground
– Decorative concrete
– Pools and pool decks

Micro Fibrillated

– Commercial and residential exterior and interior slabs-on-ground
– Toppings/overlays

Macro Matrix

– Ideal for broom finishes
– Industrial and warehouse pavements
– Commercial and residential exterior slabs-on-ground
– Pavements and bridge decks

Macro 330

– Hard-Trowel Finishes


– Walls
– Foundations
– Paving

Tips for Finishing Helix Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete – Reinforcement for shrinkage, temperature and flexural reinforcement*

What is the purpose of reinforcing in a concrete driveway or interior slab?

  • Reinforcing for concrete driveways and interior slabs is used to keep control joints/saw cuts and random cracks, should they occur, tight so that both sides of the joint or crack act together when a vehicle drives over the joint or crack. Reinforcing is also used to control joint and random crack widths due to thermal changes.

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