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What was it like to be an intern at Cemstone?

What was it like to be an intern at Cemstone?

Hello. My name is Lensy. I’m an intern here at Cemstone. I’ve been here since March of 2022, and I’ll be transitioning into a full time role in June as a talent acquisition specialist.

What was it like to be an intern at Cemstone?
Well, I had a lot of opportunities to connect with a lot of individuals in different departments and a wide variety of tasks within the H.R. realm. I also had the opportunity to recruit for a lot of different positions. It was very busy, whether that was getting new documents into our system, transitioning into a new H.R. system, and just talking to individuals on the daily to get them in new positions within our company.

How does your experience at Cemstone affect your schooling and your overall career?
I started at Cemstone in March of 2022, where I had the opportunity to start part time while working here and going to school and then in the summer. So summer of 2022, I worked here full time and now I’m back to part time during the school year and I will transition back to full time in the summer of 2023, launching my first career full time job within Human Resources. So I’ve had the opportunity to start as an intern, kind of the lowest of the lows, and work my way up and have that opportunity to work as a full time employee here in the human resources industry. I’ve had the absolute pleasure to be able to have the opportunity to work with individuals throughout the school year and now transitioning into my first full time or big girl job out of college.

What was your favorite memory or experience as an intern?
I have a few. So the first one would definitely be talent team lunches. I enjoyed getting to know my manager and my fellow employee just what’s going on outside of work, really building that team connection and having the opportunity to ask them about their weekend, what their favorite things to do in the summer are, or just having that chance to really one on one build our professional relationship and have the opportunity to connect inside and outside of work. I also really enjoyed our internship program where we went and volunteered at Feed My Starving Children, followed by a lunch connecting with all of the other interns in the managers of that department. I truly enjoyed getting to know individuals in the dispatching realm, in the environmental realm as well, and it really built that strong connection as the internship program and as we launch into our busy season of 2023.

What do you like most about Cemstone as an employee of Cemstone?
I really enjoyed the private sector of it, especially as an intern. I feel as though I got to learn more about different departments or different sectors within human resources. I feel like I got to dabble in each area and have the opportunity to widen my knowledge on different topics within human resources and have the opportunity to connect with individuals.

Would you recommend this internship program to others?
Yes, I would recommend Cemstone as a great place to have your internship. Cemstone is a private company which gives you the opportunity to connect in different companies within the business realm here at corporate or reach out and connect with other individuals and other positions as well.

Personally, my internship within the Human Resources Department, I had the opportunity to provide the employee onboarding process to a wide variety of different individuals. I enjoyed connecting with already mixed drivers from locations in Iowa to Wisconsin to Minnesota. Walk them through exactly what it means to be an employee here at Cemstone and really launch them off into their career.