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Nate, VP of Information Technology

Nate has worked with the Cemstone Companies for over 16 years and has been pivotal in leading us through technological advancements and implementations.

What do you like about this industry?

I like that the projects we work on that are long lasting and durable. The people who work in the industry value longevity. I have worked for Cemstone for over 16 years and many of our biggest customers when I started with the company are still our biggest customers today.

What is your favorite memory of Cemstone?

I like seeing the completion of larger projects like the St. Croix River Crossing, US Bank Stadium and Allianz Field. The Allianz Field project was of particular interest to me because my kids and I are soccer fans. Being able to see a world class soccer facility constructed in MN was great. Since the completion of the project we have been to games and got to see firsthand the materials Cemstone provided to the project.

Why Cemstone?

Cemstone has a dedicated workforce and highly engaged owners. The company continually invests in people and processes to continually improve. Being in IT, I also appreciate that we take the core value of empowering innovation seriously.