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Proper Concrete Curing With Cemstone

Cemstone Curing

Curing is a critical process to increasing the surface durability and service life of concrete. Our engineers explain why in the video and steps you can take to ensure proper curing. Find curing supplies at a Cemstone Supply store or ask your Account Representative for more details.  Visit for more information or for curing products.

What is curing concrete?

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Why we cure concrete?

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Four methods of curing.

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When curing compound should be applied.

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What happens if concrete is not cured?

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What we prevent when we cure concrete.

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More curing concrete info.

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Cemstone Cure & Seal
Cemstone Cure & Seal Plus ASR
Tenon Dissipating Cure 1315 WB
Tenon Cure & Seal WB 1315

Cure & Seal – 5 Gallon

Cure & Seal Plus ASR

Tenon 5 gal Dissipating Cure 1315 WB

Tenon 5 gal Cure & Seal WB 1315