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Sabrina, Accounts Payable Lead

Sabrina was recently promoted to an Accounts Payable Lead for the Cemstone Companies.

What do you like about this industry?

I like being able to see how our projects fit into everyday lives of our communities. It is cool to see finished bridges or stadiums that we helped build. I only see invoices of what we are buying to put towards the production of these projects, so to be able to see a final piece all done is incredible. I am always excited to share with family and friends how the company I work for helped build that.

What is your favorite memory of Cemstone?

The DIG IN event is a highlight of mine. It really shows all the work that is put into creating our products. I have only been with the company a couple years, but this event helped me learn more quickly how it all works and I can visualize what we are buying and where it is helping in production.

Why Cemstone?

I love to see how much this company is growing and makes me excited to be a part of it all. I have always felt welcomed and part of a great group of coworkers that are always willing to help and learn together. I can’t wait to grow my knowledge of this industry with a great company!