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Safety Edition – October 2023

A Cemstone Companies Safety Edition


It’s essential for Cemstone Companies employees to adhere to the company policies while on any jobsite. These policies are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees and visitors.


Cemstone employees are required to wear the following PPE as a minimum:

  • Hard hat
  • Safety glasses
  • Long pants
  • High-visibility vest/shirt
  • Work boots
  • Some jobsites may require additional PPE or special PPE

Please notify your Account Representative of any specific PPE requirements for your project.

  • Remind your employees that concrete and Portland cement are highly alkaline (high pH) and can cause chemical burns to skin and eyes if not handled properly.
  • Protect yourself from coming in contact with fresh/plastic concrete.
  • Use proper PPE including knee-high rubber boots, gloves, eye protection, and long pants.
  • Use extreme caution when kneeling in fresh concrete.
  • If fresh concrete gets on your skin, wash it off immediately with soap and water.

Safety Data Sheets information is located on the back of every delivery ticket and on DO NOT allow your clothes to get saturated with fresh concrete.

Prepare safe, hazard free approaches for Cemstone vehicles at your jobsite. Once you request our vehicles(s) to move past the curbline or right of way limits, Cemstone is not liable for any damage. 

  • Clearly identify and post project entry signage.
  • Identify the truck and/or pump route on your jobsite.
    • Look and correct poor soil conditions, including freshly moved soil, utility boxes, septic tanks, etc.
    • Ensure there are adequate clearances and overhead wires are marked.

Follow Specific guidelines for vehicles clearances.

Follow specific guidelines for accessing trucks:


  • Ensure a minimum 12′ wide roadway capable of supporting 80,000 pounds
  • Maintain a 14′ vertical clearance
  • Use qualified spotters to assist with backing


  • Refer to for the minimum requirements for our complete line of equipment for specific project requirements
  • Placing hand signals

Pre-pour Placing Assessment

Have your spotter ready upon our arrival to ensure our employee(s) and your project team members are safe. Cemstone requires spotters for our drivers and operators. Please share the information below with your spotters.

  • Driver should not backup without a spotter
  • Driver and spotter MUST maintain visual contact AT ALL TIMES
  • If driver loses sight of the spotter, they should STOP IMMEDIATELY
  • Driver MUST NOT RESUME BACKING until visual contact with the spotter is reestablished
  • Use only ONE Spotter
  • Each pour should have a competent designated spotter communicating with the driver
  • Spotter should never get between rear of mixer and other object to avoid crushing accidents
  • Spotter should continuously check ground conditions to avoid slipping or falling while walking backwards
  • Driver should make sure the spotter knows the proper hand and arm signals If a driver does not understand spotter’s signal(s), they must STOP IMMEDIATELY AND
  • Explain proper hand signals to spotter
  • The spotter and driver must agree on how close the rear of the truck should be from an object.

These policies are crucial for maintaining a safe and efficient work environment. Employees should familiarize themselves with these guidelines and consistently follow them to ensure their safety and the safety of their colleagues on Cemstone Companies’ jobsites.