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Concrete Paving

Our strong expertise in paving projects and the intrinsic advantages of our materials make us a pavement solutions leader in the Upper Midwest. Conventional concrete pavements offer competitive first cost and substantial life-cycle savings and demand very little maintenance over the life of the pavement.

Solutions to match all pavement applications:

Commercial Parking Lots

Industrial Parking Lots

County and Rural Roads

Local Streets

Concrete Advantages

Cemstone provides concrete pavement solutions, which have significant advantages over asphalt. Concrete pavement advantages include:

Longer Lifetime
Concrete pavements require less maintenance when compared to asphalt pavements. This results in lower life cycle costs by delaying repairs by 20 to 30 years.

Enhanced Safety
Concrete’s reflective surface means brighter and safer surroundings for pedestrians and drivers in low light conditions. It can also deliver the same safety performance with fewer light fixtures.

Excellent Surface Finish
Concrete’s clean look creates a good first impression and lasting sense of quality for customers, tenants and employees.

Superior Durability
No other paving material approaches concrete’s superior strength and durability in standing up to heavy usage and truck traffic.

Competitive Initial Cost
When properly designed and installed, concrete pavements offer competitive first cost savings when compared to similarly designed asphalt pavements.

Reduced Heat Island Effect
Light-colored surfaces such as concrete are cooler and reduce the Heat Island Effect in crowded urban environments.

Our Engineers Are Ready

To get your next design started, simply contact Cemstone Engineering Services. With as little as a project drawing our engineers can give you an idea as the pavement cross-section. If further analysis is needed, our engineers may require additional information including, but not limited to, project specifications as well as a geotechnical report for the project site.

In addition, Cemstone has teamed up with local contractors who specialize in installing concrete pavements. The combination of our Engineering Services Group and our contractor partners can get you on the way to creating long lasting concrete pavements.