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Cemstone conventional concrete pavements offers competitive initial cost and substantial life-cycle savings and demands very little maintenance over the full life cycle.

Concrete parking areas offer superior performance when compared to pavement alternatives. Incorporating straightforward design and ease of construction, concrete parking is also the economical choice for the long term, because of its strength, durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Concrete has been used across the united states in creating long lasting, durable, safe and sustainable pavements. By using concrete, costly pavement repairs are reduced thus allowing city’s, county’s and states the ability to direct tax payer dollars in other infrastructure projects. Concrete also creates brighter streetscapes that not only reduce the need for additional light poles but also creates safer environments for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The use of concrete as an overlay material is growing. Not only for streets, but concrete can be used to overlay bituminous parking lots that have exceeded their life expectancy. These thin overlays are economical from the standpoint of installation but also in the long terms. A properly-designed concrete overlay will provide many years of low-maintenance service.

Pervious concrete is an effective way to control storm water runoff by creating a storage area below the pavement surface. When properly designed and installed, pervious concrete can be used for sidewalks, parking areas and even city streets. Even in northern climates, the use of pervious concrete has been shown to be an effective storm water management system.

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