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We drive the innovation that drives the industry

At Cemstone, we know that the investments we are making in research and technology today will continue to benefit our customers for years to come. Cemstone Research & Development has significantly advanced the performance of our concrete and driven the creation of new, innovative and cost-effective solutions that are making an impact for our customers today.

We’re constantly setting new standards for materials performance that raise the bar for the entire industry. Being around since 1927 means we haven’t just seen where the industry’s been—we influence where it’s going. Our team of professional licensed engineers, certified field technicians, geologists and support staff are ready to assist builders, designers and architects from the development phase of a project through its completion.

Early and strategic planning is the backbone of project success. Our wealth of experience has equipped us with insights that can be leveraged by engineers and architects in the planning process — at a point when decisions made will have long-lasting implications. We are happy to meet with your firm to present the many ways that Cemstone’s Engineering Services Group can help you on your next project. Email us to request a presentation.

The wide range of support services Cemstone can provide includes:

  • Specification development and review
  • Color matching and sample preparation
  • Custom mix designs
  • Sustainability mix analysis
  • Field technical services
  • Concrete maturity curve development
  • Assist in developing thermal control plans

The Lab

Cemstone Research & Development team is constantly looking to improve the performance of our products and help our customers by testing new products and proprietary high-performance concrete. In addition, Cemstone conducts extensive testing and on-site examinations to verify the quality of our concrete and aggregates.

Cemstone has one of the most comprehensive concrete materials research facilities and certified testing lab in the upper Midwest. The lab is accredited by the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) and AASHTO Material Reference Laboratory (AMRL) for concrete, aggregates and cement to ensure our products’ accuracy and quality.