Cemstone aims to consistently provide first class products and service to our customers. We understand the detrimental effects of failing to meet these expectations and are dedicated to delivering quality every time.

In addition to our engineering staff, Cemstone has the largest group of certified Plant and Field Technicians in the upper Midwest. These skilled individuals are certified annually by the Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin Departments of Transportation for concrete and aggregate testing. In addition, many of these technicians are also certified by the American Concrete Institute for field testing of concrete. Our personnel serve in two capacities.

Plant Technicians

To ensure our concrete meets the expectations of our customers, our Plant Technicians:

  • Monitor aggregate properties
  • Perform physical testing of the plastic concrete
  • Cast compressive and flexural strength samples
  • Document admixture dosing
  • Perform Department of Transportation Certification

Field Technicians

Once our product arrives on the project site, our Field Technicians:

  • Measure and document the plastic proper ties of the concrete
  • Adjust mixtures for air content and slump
  • Oversee admixture dosing onsite
  • Ensure our materials are meeting customer expectations
  • Relay onsite mixture data for the ready-mix plant

Our adherence to quality also applies to the other materials used in our manufacturing process. By forming strategic alliances with the suppliers of our cementitious materials and concrete admixtures, we are able to provide a product that exceeds performance requirements while meeting all of your cost parameters.

Whether it is verifying submitted test data or performing our own quality control programs, you can be certain that the materials we use are of the highest quality and will contribute to a product that exceeds.

2020 National Ready Mixed Concrete Association Excellence in Quality Awards

The award criteria are in these primary categories:

  1. Management Commitment and Decision Process
  2. Customer Focus
  3. Human Resources
  4. Production Facilities and Equipment
  5. Materials Management and Testing
  6. Specification Review and Mixture Design
  7. Measurement Analysis and Improvement

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