Working with our fiber suppliers, Cemstone’s Engineering Services welcomes the opportunity to work with you and your designer in replacing traditional reinforcing steel with synthetic of steel fibers.

Whether it’s for plastic shrinkage control or for replacing temperature steel/crack control, our engineers have the right synthetic fiber solutions that not only save time and money, but create safer working environments while making meeting owner expectations.

It all starts with an existing design. To get your conversion started, our engineers simply need to know the existing design, including: slab thickness, design strength and the type and size of existing reinforcing steel.

The use of steel fibers can be used to replace structural reinforcing steel for slabs, walls and other structural elements for commercial and residential projects. Steel fibers offer superior crack control while also increasing the tensile strength and impact resistance of concrete.

For steel fiber conversions, contact our engineers who will let you know what type of design documentation is needed to determine the type and amount of steel fiber to replace traditional reinforcement.

Get the right materials and mixes for your job — delivered on time and in spec.
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