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Aggregate Sustainability

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Our Sustainable Aggregate Mining Cycle

Cemstone is committed to responsible mining practices and working to reduce our environmental impact. We strive to develop environmentally-sound sites that take advantage of the latest sustainable and energy-efficiency technologies that include everything from the conservation of resources and emission reductions to how we reclaim the land we mine. 

Aggregate Mining Cycle

Sustainability begins with how we extract and process our aggregate resources which includes our equipment emissions, noise control, and handling of water resources. Cemstone has implemented policies to reduce equipment idling time to reduce emissions from our equipment. We have also implemented electric line power wherever possible to eliminate unnecessary emissions from diesel generators.




Washing & Crushing



Cemstone makes every effort to minimize and eliminate noise from our facilities.  This includes installing rubber screens at our aggregate facilities to dampen sound from the aggregate hitting the screens and installation of berms and noise walls at our facilities to minimize the sound leaving our sites.

Our aggregate processing facilities use closed loop settling pond systems to supply the water for washing and classifying of aggregates.  These systems collect the excess water from processing and circulate it back through the pond system to be used again.  The use of the closed-loop system reduces our operations’ needs for fresh water.

Finally, long-range future planning for Cemstone’s sand & gravel operations is crucial to ensure good returns on the property as well as promote stable environments with native vegetation.  Cemstone has partnered with the Minnesota DNR to create wildlife habitat through the mining reclamation process in Farmington, MN.  Cemstone’s site sits in the Vermillion Highlands regional recreation area, a popular recreation and public hunting complex in Dakota County.  As we close out mining, the area is reclaimed to include rolling hills and water bodies to enhance the habitat for area wildlife.