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Precast Concrete

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Strength. Versatility. Efficiency.

Our commitment to quality products and exceptional service have made us the go-to source for precast and custom concrete products.

Cemstone Precast Concrete offers a variety of precast concrete products utilized in the agricultural and transportation industries. Our manufacturing plants also produce custom and residential products.

With locations in Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and North Central Iowa, Cemstone Precast Concrete delivers throughout the Midwest.

Precast Concrete Tanks

Concrete precast tanks are a long term investment you don’t have to worry about.

The benefits of precast tanks are:

Heavy – solid concrete makes our tanks heavy enough to ensures the tank will never “float” like some lighter weight tanks can do.

Reliable – concrete does not rust, corrode, leak or weaken.

Durable – concrete is non-toxic, environmentally safe and made from natural materials.

Fuel Containment Tank


Septic Tanks

Hardscape & Custom Concrete

Curbs & Barriers

Hardscape Precast

Custom Precast